Saturday, April 14, 2007

Post-Rock Mix

1. American Analog Set, "Like Foxes Through Fences"
2. Do Make Say Think, "Classic Noodlanding"
3. Kaki King, "Gay Sons of Lesbian Mothers"
4. Feathers, "My Apple Has Four Legs"
5. Tortoise, "Blackjack"
6. Velvetron, "One to Ten"
7. The Sea and Cake, "Rossignol"
8. To Rococo Rot, "From Dream to Daylight"
9. Sam Prekop, "A Cloud to the Back"
10. Tara Jane O'Neil, "Another Sunday"
11. Papa M, "Krusty"
12. Bosco & Jorge, "17 Year Cicada"
13. Pullman, "To Hold Down a Shadow"
14. Gastr Del Sol, "Black Horse"
15. Dirty Three, "Hope"
16. Mogwai, "Hunted by a Freak"
17. Directions in Music, "(untitled)4"
18. Jim O'Rourke, "Not Sport, Marital Art"


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