Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Everyone should have a working plan

So I've always wanted to give these songs to someone, placed neatly together. Now, here you are, my captive audience. [cackles] While I'm 100% sure that a couple of you already have Pharaoh Sanders' Karma, I know from our recent discussion at Simon's that some of you don't have a whole lotta jazz, so I thought this might be a nice way to start.

"The Creator Has a Master Plan" might be the only 32 minute makeout song about God that features jingle bells and yodeling. When Leon Thomas starts in with his "yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeeeeeeeeeah yeah" around 7:25, it gets groovy. At the halfway mark, there's a squeaky free jazz freakout. After that, an old-fashioned tent revival. Then more yodeling and groove. Add tamborine, piano, flute, groove and you have a genuine ode to joy.

The other song, "Masterplan", is on that Brazilian remix comp we also discussed that night at Simon's. Similarly groovy, but in a much colder way, the "yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeaaaaaaaah yeah" is sampled and adds warmth to an otherwise chilly walking-through-the-city-streets-at-night type song.

Put these songs together and you have 40 minutes of unadulterated groovitude.

"Masterplan" - DJ Soul Slinger

"The Creator Has a Master Plan" - Pharoah Sanders



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