Thursday, April 06, 2006

And after all...

Mike Flowers Pops, "Wonderwall"

You all know I have a major soft spot for lounge-pop, and this is one of the best kitschy easy-listening cover songs I've heard -- partially because the Oasis original is already sort of devoid of meaning. Mike Flowers, who took this version to #2 on the UK charts mere months after the original came out, pinpoints the silliness of the chorus as he makes that final line -- "You're my wonderwall" -- sound like a Saturday-morning cartoon theme, complete with peppy instrumental punctuation.

Ryan Adams, "Wonderwall"

Ryan Adams, on the other hand, goes in the opposite direction with his cover, treating the song with even more po-faced determination than the Gallagher brothers do. The effect this has is sort of interesting: it's both incredibly and hauntingly pretty (oh man, the fingerpicking plus the desolate atmospherics: swoon city) and also, as Adams strains the vowels on "maaaay-beeeee," nearly as camp as Mike Flowers. The first time I heard it, I was stoned and it was kind of the best thing ever.


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