Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Sweet Bird of Love

After the talk about Beyond the Valley of the Dolls I thought I owed it to you to post a song from the soundtrack, an exemplary tune that pretty much sets the tone for the whole movie.

Part of what makes the movie so supremely weird is that there are nice little pop songs interspersed with bizarro soundtrack music like that which I have posted here. I don't really like writing about music much, so this won't do a whole lot to make you want to download this track, but I assure you that it will give you an idea of how totally rad the movie is.

Now, I could have posted one of the actual songs, which are pretty good, but for those who have not seen the movie, they will not give as accurate a portrait as the song I have chosen.

This is the title sequence, which is just as loveably disjointed as the movie.

La Lechera has spoken.


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